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    English words about Western seasoning


    Sep 23, 2022

    I am doing Western food. I want to find the common seasoning of English words about Western kitchen.

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    1. 调料类rnrn1、中西餐调味品词汇油edible oil 盐salt 酱油soy sauce 醋vinegar   葱green onion 姜ginger 蒜garlic 辣椒chili pepper   味精MSG = glutamate   胡椒pepper 咖喱curry 芥末mustard   番茄酱ketchup 橄榄Olive Oil 2. About the vocabulary of the taste sour sweet Sweet bitter spicy spicy / hot salty Salty Egg-Plant eggplant
      turnip radish
      pepper pepper n Lotus root lotus root
      kale cabbage
      Potherb Mustard Snow Red
      LetTuce lettuce
      Bamboo shoots bamboo shoots
      tomato tomatoes
      scallion n yam yam
      shePherd's Purse
      Water Chestnut
      French bean lentils
      kidney bean
      bean curd beouzhu r
      SPONGE/Towel Gourd Pumpkin
      Summer Squash Zucchini
      Cabbage cabbage
      Green bean sprout Mung bean sprouts
      chinese cabbage Chinese cabbage n cucumber cucumber
      pasley, coriatay, Coriander
      Asparagus asparagus
      ceerry celery
      cauliflower n Cress cress celery n spinach spinach n water spinach casery Moson
      Red/Green Pepper Red/Green Pepper
      SoyaBean Sprout Soybean Gel
      Soyabean Soybean
      DRIED LILY Golden Needle
      PEA Pea
      BALSAM Pear Bitter Gourd
      WAX Gourd Winter Gourd
      Pumpkin Mushroom
      DRIED Mushroom shiitake mushrooms
      Sweet potato sweet potato n garlic garlic n water oat
      taro taro n fennel fennel n fungus fungus n fungus fungus n POTATO Tudou
      Leek leeks
      hotbed chives leeks
      ginger ginger n onion
      EGG eggs
      CK EGG duck egg
      n quail EGG quail eggs
      Preserved EGG pine flower eggs
      yolk egg yolk
      CK duck
      CK's web duck palm
      gible chicken (duck) miscellaneous chicken (n Gizzard chicken ( Duck)
      Pigeon pigeons
      Goose goose
      pheasant pheasant
      group pine chicken
      Legs chicken legs
      Mussels light dishes
      laver laver
      algae moss vegetables
      where gluten gluten
      bean curd tofu n pickled bean curd tofu tofu tofu Milk
      Bean Curd Sheets Thousands of
      Corn Flakes Jade Step Film
      PRAWN Platan Plati
      SCAMP prawns
      LOBSTER lobster n Fish fish n yellow fish yellow flower fish fish
      meat meat
      beef beef
      pork pork
      ham ham
      bacon smoked pork, pickled meat
      fowl bird meat
      sn ake Flesh snake meat
      HORSE FLESH horse meat
      venison venison
      will poultry meat
      game spectacles n sausage sausage n kidney waist n liver liver liver liver liver liver liver liver liver liver liver liver liver liver liver liver liver liver liver liver liver liver
      tripe belly, internal organs
      tongue tongue
      minced meat minced meat, meat melter
      shredded meat shredd n lamb lamb
      baby chicken boy chicken
      Hen hen
      Cock rooster n turkey turkey
      shrimp river shrimp, small shrimp n dried shrimp shrimp r r r r r r r r r r r r r r
      shrimp shelled shrimp
      Fish roe caviar
      pomfret catfish
      dACE catfish n Squid squid n carp carp n silver CARP Baiyu
      Crucian Carp catfish
      Black Carp Hermia
      Salmon Maha Fish, Salmon
      Shark Shark
      Shark's FIN n marine eel
      Tuna tuna
      Pike barracus
      blunt-snout Wuchang fish n sturgeon catfish
      n turtle turtle
      Abalone abalone
      crab crab
      River crab river crab n sea crab sea crab n CLAM clams
      Oys oyster n snailfish peeled fish n R n Cod cod
      Octopus octopus
      sea weed kelp n MUDSNAIL field snails
      sardine sardine, catfish n ink fish n soybean pastean sauce n a a niseed fennel
      shirmp sauce shrimp sauce
      chilli dried pepper n chilli sauce chili sauce n sweet borwn sauce sweet noodle sauce n tomato paste western sauce n cassia osmanthus r r r r r r r
      Honey honey
      SPICE spice
      curry curry
      pepper pepper n Mustard mustard
      will pepper peppercorns n gourmet Powder MSG MSG MSG
      TABLE SALT / SALT salt
      sugar sugar
      Syrup sugar juice
      Powdeted sugar sugar powder
      seasame il / sesame oil n sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar
      Soybean Oil soybean oil
      cube sugar square sugar
      Peanut Oil peanut oil n Rock Sugar rock sugar
      mint mint
      baking Powder Fillet powder n essence fragrance
      Gelatine rubber
      starch starch
      rape seed ilci oil
      brown sugar brown sugar
      Cotton seed il cotton OIL olive oil
      Peanut butter
      Coconut Oil coconut oil
      soy sauce / soy soy sauce n Lard lard n vinegar vinegar n salad il r r r r r r r r r r r r r
      SESAME Butter
      Oyster Sauce oyster sauce
      chinnamon cinnamon
      Margraine artificial butter
      to cook n HOT hot Warm
      cookbook cooking book
      co LD Cold
      RAW Raw
      Sweet sweet
      Ripe mature
      Fragrant fragrance
      iced n of sour acid
      frozennen Frozen
      TART astringent
      Dried dry
      Salty salty
      Highly flavor
      Heavy's difficult to digest
      lightly seasoned flavor r
      Fresh fresh
      Tasteless tasteless
      Steamed steamed
      boiled boiled n Broiled barbecue n scalded stew
      Stir-FRied fried
      Fried fry n Chinese cooking Chinese cooking
      cooked in light brine brine CRISP Crispy
      Bitter's bitter
      FAT fat n the fish
      Lean thin
      peppery spicy n Hard hard n spiced
      SOFT soft
      taste flavor
      Greasy greasy
      deliious delicious n light light
      deep-flaKed Xun
      Baked Baking
      KNIFE Knife
      Wine Galss wine glass
      fork fork
      champagne gals champagne glass
      R n SOUP SPOON spoon
      Liqueur gals wine glasses
      tea spoon teaspoon
      Wine cup wine glass
      carving Knife Holder dental visa cylinder
      MUG big cup
      SOUP PLATE soup pot
      Bowl bowl
      bread basket bread basket
      Rice bowl rice bowl
      teapot teapot
      chopsticks n saucer tea Disc
      Soup-ladle spoon
      coffee pot coffee pot
      Cruet seasoning bottle
      strainer filter
      Mustard POT mustard bottle
      popper pot pepper bottle r r r r
      cream jug cream cylinder
      salt bottle
      Butter dish coffee basin
      EGG Cup egg cup
      sugar bowl sugar cylinder n POT pot n toothpick toothpick n R n Ashtray ashtrack
      Napkin napkin
      Milk server milk tank
      Plate plates
      Electric refrigerators n Cupboard cupboard
      drawers drawer n plasterickk Plates
      Tray pallets
      Dish-cover Cooking POT Casual Casual
      Pressure Cooker pressure cooker
      Spatula stir-fried spoon
      Meat-mincer meat grinding machine n poker pass bars; Kitchen knife
      Coffee-Mill coffee grinding
      rolling Pin rolling pin
      chopping board coffin
      knife-ge n sieve S screening
      Funnel funnel
      Sinking vegetable pond
      Tap water faucet
      Pail bucket n toast rack baked folder n toaster bakery n Oven oven ovens

    2. MENU menu
      french cuisine French cuisine
      today's Special Special meal
      chef's Special chef
      bufffet buffet nFast Food fast food nSpect
      aperitif before meal
      DIM SUM snack
      french fires fries
      baked potato baked potato
      mashed Potatoes potato mud nomelette
      pudding pudding
      pastries dessert
      pickled kimchi
      kimchi Korean kimchi
      Crab meat crab meat
      prawn shrimp nconch conch n Escargots field snails nbraised beef
      poached EGG poached egg
      sunny side up up Frying the poached egg
      over Fry on both sides of the poached egg
      fried EGG fried egg
      over easy frying egg
      over hard cooked egg
      scripble EGGS scrambled eggs
      boiled EGG boiled eggs
      stone fire pot stone hot pot
      sashi Japanese bamboo chopsticks
      sake Japanese rice wine
      miso shiru miso soup nroast meat iron barbecue r r r r r r r r r r NSASHIMI sashimi
      Butter cream

      creamed mashed chicken soup; mashed chicken soup with cream n
      cream crab meat soup soup Creamed Crab Meat Soup; Crab Meat Soup with Cream

      creamy mushroom soup creamed mushroom soup with crab meat
      n cream prawn soup wiT r n
      cream abalone soup Creamed abalone soup; ab Alone Soup with Cream

      creamed asparagus soup; asparagus soup with cream n
      creamd asparagus soup wids n Creamed soup; soup with cream

      creamy mushrooms and cauliflower soup Creamed Mushroom soup

      creamdto soup soup;
      creamy spinach soup creamed spinach soup; spinach soup with cream

      cream pea soup creamed peas soup; peas soup with cream n
      ox tail soup OX-TAIL SOUP

      beef ball soup beef balls soup

      Tea Cold Beef Tea

      Mushroom Chicken Soup Chicken Soup with Mushrooms

      Tomato Chicken Soup Chicken Soup with Tomato

      Chicken Leg Soup with n
      Curry Chicken Cubes Soup
      n n Chicken chips soup
      n chicken noodle soup noodles soup with chips

      The chicken meatball soup with
      n n Chicken gibles soup with spinach
      n n n n n n n n n n Red Fish Soup Fish Soup with Tomato



      Sour cabbage soup

      Onion soup onion soup

      White bean soup White beam soup
      n pea puree Soup Mashed Pea Soup

      Consomme with meat pie
      n n r

      R N Consomme with POACHED EGGS

      n Fried Fillet Slices

      This onion soft fryer Soft Fried Fillet Slices with Meter

      Fillet A la duchesse

      Fillet shashlik

      Fillet podjarka
      n n Fillet Steak with EGG

      Mushroom Mushroom Cut Fillet Steak with Mushroom Sauce

      Cream Mushroom Mushroom Cross A La La

      Curry Curry Curry Bone Curry Shredded Fillet

      Club steak

      beef steak

      n curry beef curry beef

      Hamburg steak; Hamburger

      HOME Style
      Fish shrimp:

      Tramus juice mushroom steamed fish

      Steamed with mushrooms and tomato saUC e

      Thow boiled fish Boiled Fish with Potatoes

      Terended potato boiled fish boiled fiLED FISH and POTATO With Butter Sauce
      n fried shrimp Fried Prawns

      This Soft-Friced Prawns

      Tereas with shrimp fried Prawns with butter sauce

      R n
      The cheese mouth mushroom grilled prawn Prawns au Gratin

      Primpy egg creampin souffle

      Fryfish Fried Mandarin Fish

      nThis fried fish fried Fish with Tomato Sauce

      Tramus fried fish fried Fish with Cream Sauce

      Froming carp

      Pot Fish a la duchesse

      can cinnabar fish Mandarin Fish a la duchesse

      Prawns podjarka

      This Prawns Podjarka

      charcoal roasted fish skewers Fish Shashlik

      nThe iron pork cinnamon grilled mandarin fish

      The iron pork grilled turbot


      Fish steak

      creamy mushroom mushrooms mandarin fish au gratin

      This steamed fish Steamed Fish with White

      Teamed juice steamed fish Steamed Fish White Wine

      This steamed fish steamed fomato sauce

      Te lemon juice steamed fish Steamed with lemon sauce

      The mushroom juice steamed fish Steamed Fish with Mushroom Sauce


      roast chicken

      roast chicken

      Chicken Bon Bon Chicken

      Fry chicken Fried Chicken

      Fried Spring Chicken

      N Fried Chicken String Fried Chicken Shashlik

      Chicken Liver Shashlik

      Chicken with Cream Sauce

      The iron bamboo shoot chicken Grid Spring Chicken

      Braised Chicken
      n n home chicken in home style r r r r r r r n
      Braised chicken with butter

      Braised spring chicken with butter
      n n butter chicken legs Brags with butter
      n red chicken pie R N PODJARKA Chicken

      can Chicken a la duchesse

      can squeeze chicken Spring Chicken a la duchesse
      n Chicken a la caucasus

      Belgian stewed chicken

      Tewed chicken slice cream
      n n CK With Rice

      The stewed chicken rice Stewed Chicken and Rice with Cream

      Curry Chicken with Rice

      Legs with spaghetti

      Chicken souffle
      n n n roast duck Roast CK
      n sauerkraut roast ck with sour cab brand

      can duck duck ck a la duchesse

      n Fried CK Liver with Butter Sauce

      Wild duck Roast Wild CK With Source

      Buning chicken duck Roast Chicken and ck with game

      Braised pigeon with butter
      Mades of apple juice roasted turkey, Roast Turkey with Apple Sauce

      The sauce -roasted wild goose ROAST WILD Goose with Sour Cabbage

      Roast crane

      Quail braised partridge
      The ons hot side dishes:
      Tewed sausage saus, steam cream

      Tewed saus u003C

      n n n n n n Kidney with red wine; Kidney with red wine

      creamy stewed waist flowing kidney with cream;
      cream fried ham pea Fried Ham and Peas with Cream

      cream fried liver with cream sauce; Liver with cream sauce
      n n Herring with Egg Sauce

      cheese mouth mushroom grilled fish Fish au Gratin

      Crab Meat Au Gratin with Cream

      Fieding eggs

      Fried eggs with bacon; Tomato Omelette/OMELET Cold Cold dish:
      Cold dish
      1) Salad/salad/salad Salad
      n Ham salad

      Chicken Salad

      Chicken-Breast Salad

      Fish salad

      Shrimp Ren Salad shrimp salad

      Prawn salad

      crab meat salad Crab salad

      vegetable salad

      The fresh vegetable salad Fresh vegetable salad

      cucumber Salad

      Cream cucumber salad cucumber salad with cream

      Tomato cucumber salad cucumber salad with tomato
      n tomato salad

      This Salaot Salad

      Salad dressing;

      Salad dressing;

      2) Meat Meat

      This cold mixed meat

      Cold mixed meat

      Ham With

      n The Assorted Meat Jelly

      Mashed Liver; Live Paste

      Mashed Ox Liver; OX Liver Paste

      Mashed ox brain; Ox Brain Paste

      This lamb legs Cold Roast Lamb Leg

      Cold roast pork

      N Cold Sausage


      3) Fish


      Tewed fish sashimi Stewed Fish Slice Sauce

      The smoked catfish Smoked Herring

      This carp Smoked Carp

      n n R n
      This stuffing fish Stuffed Fish

      Red caviar red caviar


      The crab mud minced crab meat

      4) poultry poultry

      Crystal Chicken Chicken in Aspic

      MINCED Chicken Meat; Chicken Paste

      MINCED CK LIVER; CK Liver Paste

      Egg stuff eggs

      cheese stuffed eggs with cheese

      R n
      This cold rooster Cold Roast Chicken with

      R N Cold Roast PHEASNT

      Cold Roast CK


      This goose Cold Roast Goose

    3. Vinegar vine
      Soy sauce soy
      salt Salt
      sugar Sugar
      white sugar refar
      sauce sauce
      chili HOT Red) PEPPER
      of peppercorns Wild Pepper (Chinese Prickly Ash Powder)
      R N Brown sugar
      Rock sugar
      Sesame SESAME
      Sesame sauce sesame paste

      This Shallot (Spring Onions)
      Ou Chauo) Medlar
      Yeast barm
      Yellow pepper
      cinnamon Cinnamon

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