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    27399 Tianhong Yizhong to recharge Dream Westward Journey 3?


    Sep 23, 2022
    4 thoughts on “27399 Tianhong Yizhong to recharge Dream Westward Journey 3?”
    1. Hello:
      1. You first search for "4399" on the Tianhong Card website, which is extracted. Click "Card Mi"
      2, enter the Tianhong one card number password you purchased on the pop -up page, which will show the 4399 card secrets you extracted.
      3. On the purchase page, there is a product recharge introduction to the recharge address, link to the official of 4399, and then use the card secrets you redeemed in the official selection of "4399 cartoon" recharge.
      4. Enter the card secret and recharge account in the official, and select the game you want to recharge.
      5, the type of support card: electronic card unlimited/page game chess and card exclusive electronic card/electronic restriction card/general card/gold card/silver card/rainbow card.
      as shown in Figure:
      The card densely redeem 4399:

      official recharge:

    2. Hello, Tianhong Yitong is a one -time prepaid card issued by Tianhong Company.

      The card number 12 -bit card card number, 15 bits of passwords.

      Baidu search: Yunqi can use 27399 days to recharge Dream Westward Journey 3

    3. Tianhong Yitong is the virtual digital card densely issued by Tianhong

      Tenghong a card card 12 -bit, the password is 15 -bit

      Tian Hong Yitang can recharge the game specified by Tianhong. In addition to products and services, you can also use Tianhong Yitong to withdraw or Tianhong Yitian Card Exchange to exchange online game cards. Recommended search: Yunqi can find and use Tianhong Yitong to exchange recharge

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